Birthday Wish..

Email Rcvd: June 1st, 2017

This email brings across a number of things to you.

It brings along, my deepest regards to you. Having read and known you for some time, I don’t know why it seems that its been quite sometime I read those things and looked at them from your angle. May be our lives have not been similar, but our sufferings were.

It brings to you, my sincere prayers in your name for all the times to come. They indeed make your very special and valued, something which is beyond what I would be ever able to tell you…. 

It brings to you, a pat from a far off place, yet close in connection of prayers… You are a wonderful soul and should be valued, cherished and taken care of – so that you will excel in goodness, care and love. You feel and write with all your passion. Believe me, not many people are like that in these days, in this world.

It brings to you, my gratitude… For all the goodness that your writings carry, all the wisdom those incite, all the thoughts they provoke, and all the attention they draw in, in the form of likes, comments and relatable experiences.

It brings to you very best regards from my family, prayers for a successful and accomplished life ahead (which would be free of distractions, shock and grief), and a great after-life.

….and most importantly, it brings to you A HAPPY HEARTY BIRTHDAY WISH.

May you be happy all the days of your life. May you always be loved and adored. May you always see the brighter side of everything.

May your words and acts elevate people’s lives. May your thoughts and writings make a difference to them. May your passion and occupation be the source of your happiness and contentment.

May you be among those who matter to the world, and not to whom the world matters.

May you stand successful in front of your God and Prophet (PBUH) on the day of judgement, that whatever you did in life was not-less-than-the-best with what all God had blessed you with, that your were among his best human beings and that you were a matter of pride for His Beloved (PBUH).


Hazrat Imaam Hassan (RA) said: “Tumhari umer barabar ghat’ti jaa rahi hai, bus jo kuch tumhare haath mein hai us se kisi ki madad kar jao.”

I dedicate this quote to you on your birth-day.

Stay blessed.

Stay wonderful.

Remember in prayers….


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