Long Live Pakistan

Everybody had an eye on,

The gem of the king’s crown.

The British attempted,

And their mission accomplished.

Started with trading,

But succeeded in manipulating.

Control of the Mughals got lost,

But Muslims still fought.

Slowly and gradually a thought struck,

“We should fight for a nation or We’ll be stuck.”

Allama Iqbal saw a vision,

Quaid-e-Azam took the supervision.

Led the Muslims and worked really hard,

Made a resolution at Minto Park.

Atrocities on the innocent Muslim pupils,

Were done by Hindus and British, the evils.

For Muslims, giving up was the last thing,

Fought until British heard their plead.

The British were persuaded,

“They need to be separated.”

Thus, an order was passed by Atlee,

1948, the year it was to be.

Violence grew and did not fall,

Mountbatten announced Partition should be done once for all.

Pakistan, a new nation appeared on the map,

Where Muslims had full freedom of act.

Could peacefully practice religion of Islam,

The Muslims were now very calm.

But money was a major turmoil,

Which buried them under soil.

Forgot their days and nights,

For development, they all did fight.

Rose high and were known to the world,

Now is a star because of the natural resources it holds.

History will repeat, that’s what we hear,

Of the Non-Muslim rule, citizens now fear.

Pakistan is getting in American hands,

Americans have very far plans.

Attention Youth! Be aware,

Work for the country but don’t fear,

Of the terror spread every where,

Do something to get peace which is no more here.

By: Abeera Tariq


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