“because of you”

Stories from my diary ❤

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14th March 2016.

5:45 P.M

“Hurry Up! We are getting late” he shouted from the living room.

” Yeah just 2 minutes more” she said as she applied a thick line of red on her forehead and a little more foundation and concealer on her cheeks.

“Will you please hurry up” he shouted again.

” Yes I am coming ” she checked herself again in the mirror before she went to him, she was still not satisfied with the make up.

6:15 P.M

Sitting next to him in the car, she was nervous. She felt empty. She wanted to go back in time and undo all that what happened months ago.

Months ago when her parents choose him for her. She remember she was so happy for her marriage. She still can’t figure out what and where everything went wrong, with him , with their relationship.


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