A King Without A Queen…

Poet: John Rivera

Even after all the battles, 

All the accolades, 

All that he conquers, 

All of his praise, 

He fights for his people’s freedom, 

He watches over his kingdom, 

Ordained by God,

 He rules through His authority, 

He judges accordingly, 

The chosen one,

The first to touch the battle grounds & the last to step off, 

But a moment comes,

 Through the kingdom halls the silent sound penetrates the King’s heart,

 He places his crown on the mantle, 

Blows out the fire from a lit candle, 

Sits in the dark to tame his primitive nature, 

He’s an animal,

But as he provides balance for the rest of the land,

A King without a Queen becomes a mere mortal man,

 Like the game of chess,

 A Queen protects a King, 

Therefore a King without a Queen is just a “human being...”


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