She was stunning, gorgeous

Everywhere she went she turned heads
The boys whistled, the girls muttered their jealousy 
They poked and prodded her until she was reduced to nothing more than a hopeless nobody
She stopped trying, she stopped looking for the compliments and the easy smiles that seemed to spring up when she came around
She didn’t know what had turned the opinions of so many, 
Maybe it was a nasty rumor made by a popular girl
It could have been anything really 
But all that tearing down allowed her to build back up
She realized that she didn’t need the makeup and the dresses and the fancy shoes to be beautiful
What really mattered was her heart, her soul
And so she found beauty inside 
Her new found shining grace shone from deep beneath her skin
And although there was still muttering when she walked in the room,
She had learned to push it all aside
And see the true beauty of the world around her

By: Megan May


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