Just like the morning breeze;

He comes and goes leaving me to maybe’s.
It’s so easy to keep telling one to try;
But I’m done asking in vain with your lies.
Can’t wait no more as I am out of patience;
Quit the games; it’s all or nothing!
There is no room for compromise!
Who said love means to endure demise?
And why should I be a prisoner of my own devise?
I have no regrets so I stand and defy.
Now that I’m closing this chapter to have peace;
I’m not ashamed to admit that I was once on my knees
I thought love knew no rank or taboo;
but that was just my way.
“Trust in tomorrow, live in today”, that was your advice.
Even though the past plucks my present as you are my vice;
I roll with life so I have no time to fantasize! !
That’s just to let you know that others won’t suffice;
Still made my choice;
And that is to get by.
We are all but candles destined to melt;
Whether we choose to let go or rationalize.
The truth is ever a lie no matter the misery or dismay.
So don’t bother thyself to chastise;
So called lovers whom love wasn’t enough to realize;
Togetherness; that is one’s joy with another’s promise to stay! ! !

Source : High on Poems


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