Yes I am…

Butterflies and flowers surround me,
As I run in a field of daisies,
Thank God I am pretty,

I love myself,
No matter what,
Try your best,
To put me down,
Sorry, I’m not around,
I’m on cloud nine,
Sitting on my cloud,
Watching the world pass me by,
Happy as can be, I see a rainbow,
Full of color and vibrance,
Time is of the essence,
I must seize each day,
Cherish each moment,
Love the ones I’m with,
Use my talent and gifts,
God has bestowed on me,
Be thankful for everything,
I accept my crown as queen,
I don’t need a king by my side,
I can be a queen all by myself,

I wanna be who I want to be,
Not what everyone wants me to be,
God controls my destiny,
Let God be my Protector and my Shield,
My heart He will heal,
Happiness and joy I feel



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