Passion For Life

The path in your life, 

may never be straight. 
Contain bumps and curves, 
where many are great.

Your personal experiences, 
have shaped who you are. 
Embrace your mistakes, 
and each unique scar.

There’s always new things, 
in life we may learn. 
With every page, 
and chapter we turn.

There’s just one simple, 
but very important rule. 
Your passion for life, 
should be used as your fuel.



2 Replies to “Passion For Life”

  1. Passion is never ending….it is a reserve of energy, dynamism, stamina, longing….. It is in the glitter of our eyes, which is evident when someone or something we’re passionate about comes our way, crosses us, misses us or collides with us…

    Ishq keejiye, phir samajhiye, zindagi kiyya cheez hai…

    And the best of it is with relations, those make (and also break) us into what we should be..

    A beautiful poem!… Thank you for sharing.

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