Loving You Always

A few words to express, 

the love that I feel. 
Loving you always, 
is beautifully real.

I love you each morning, 
from my dreams when I wake. 
Sweet morning kisses, 
I get excited to make.

I love you at lunchtime, 
when my hungry soul craves. 
Each moment with you, 
my mind passionately saves.

I love you each evening, 
when my body shall tire. 
Just thinking of you, 
my heart feels the fire.

I love you at night, 
when the world is asleep. 
This love that I feel, 
is eternally deep.

Loving you always, 
from morning till night. 
Brings joy to my life, 
and lots of delight.

by anitapoems.com


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