Tick Tock…

        🔺Birth is your

          *Opening Stock*.       

🔺What comes to you is


🔺What goes from you is


       🔺Death is your

          *Closing Stock.*

🔺Your ideas are your


🔺Your views are your


🔺Your happiness is your


🔺Your sorrow is your


🔺Your soul Power is your


🔺Your spiritual heart is   

       your *fixed Asset*.

🔺Your duties are your

   *outstanding Expenses.*

🔺Your friendship is your

        *hidden Adjustment.*

🔺Your character is your


🔺Your knowledge is your


🔺Your patience is your

          *Bank Balance*.

🔺Your thinking is your

         *current Account*.

🔺Your behaviour is your

            *journal Entry*.

🔺Bad things is your


             📊  📈  📉

Have a nice balance sheet.
      Always Remember


               *is your*




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