The Broken Packets

🉐 *The Broken Packets* 🉐

❓ _*Are we collecting our good deeds in a broken packet*_❓

#⃣ *Beware of the broken packet* #⃣

👉You make the best *wudhu*…
❗but *waste a lot of water* _(a broken packet)_🉐

👉You give alot of *sadaqah to the poor* ,
❗but you *humiliate them and hurt them*
_(a broken packet)_🉐

👉You stand up for *tahajjud, fast, and obey your Lord* ,
❗but you *cut your family ties and stop connecting with them*. _(broken packet)_🉐

👉You *fast and have sabr for the pangs of hunger and thirst* ,
❗but you *swear, insult, curse* _(a broken packet)_🉐

👉You *wear abaya and Hijab*,
❗but your *perfume is strong* _(a broken packet)_🉐

👉You have *time for family and friends*,
❗but you have *no time for your neighbours*, you don’t even know them. _(a broken packet)_🉐

👉You *honour and are good to your guest*,
❗but when *he leaves…you gossip about him and talk about all his flaws* _(a broken packet)_🉐

❗ *Subhaan Allaah!* _No one can decide better than ourselves whether our Deeds are so which we can present to Allaah Subhaanahu waTa’ala OR_ *_Are we  collecting Just All The Broken Packets_*❓

⏰A Reminder to Myself First and then to others⏰



10 Replies to “The Broken Packets”

  1. If i don’t give a feedback this awsomest point its Broken packet.
    you collect a little points in our daily chores but in real they are the reason of our social crises.

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