Asslam O Aleikum …

” Me Itna Bold & Bitter Likhna Chahti Hon k Mjhe Khud Bhi Parhte Huye Ek khouf, Talkh Sachai Mehsoos Ho”

Its me Syeda Tahreem Fatimah.. Welcome to my home page.Here you can find ur own thoughts (that never be said) dressed in my words.I want to be courageous and try to write in a way that scares “Me” a little. (Yes, jo mjhe b dara de ☺)

My favourite Ernest Hemingway said:

Writing is nothing to do. All you do is to sit down at a Typewriter and bleed.

(Yes I bleed Words)

I live to write and write to live. For me Writing is not just putting down pretty words on paper. It is to share a part of your soul to the world…

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