Asslam O Aleikum …

” Me Itna Bold & Bitter Likhna Chahti Hon k Mjhe Khud Bhi Parhte Huye Ek khouf, Talkh Sachai Mehsoos Ho”

Its me Syeda Tahreem Fatimah.. Welcome to my home page.Here you can find ur own thoughts (that never be said) dressed in my words.I want to be courageous and try to write in a way that scares “Me” a little. (Yes, jo mjhe b dara de ☺)

My favourite Ernest Hemingway said:

Writing is nothing to do. All you do is to sit down at a Typewriter and bleed.

(Yes I bleed Words)

I live to write and write to live. For me Writing is not just putting down pretty words on paper. It is to share a part of your soul to the world…

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Rape is Not A Joke

Today a man told a rape joke.  Everyone laughed. I stood there and thought about it for a momentAnd then I asked,“What is funny about that?”The laughter stoppedand they stood there in silence. The momentary silence of shattered illusions,There was no answerBecause it wasn’t funnySo why laugh?

Your Smile

When the day has been long and the troubles last into the night All you’ve gotta do is smile and everything is suddenly alright When I feel the weight of the world upon my shoulders and let things get under my skin All you’ve gotta do is smile and I’m ready try once again When …

Life is Precious

Life is so precious And each day a gift So enjoy every minute As it were you last to live Cherish your loved ones Hug them tight Share with them your heart And your time Nothing is forever And life goes so fast Each minute that passes Is one you can’t get back When troubles …

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  • مسکراہٹ (November 09th, 2014) published in Jang Sunday Magazine